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A ‘Lovely’ Leaving Gift

Here’s a ‘lovely’ leaving gift that I helped put together for a child leaving our school.

I printed the outline of a heart onto 20 sheets of A4 paper.  Each child in the class wrote and drew their own colourful message inside a heart.  I reduced the size of the illustrations and arranged them into this personalised collage.

Ta Dah!

The end

Photo Collages

I take more time to notice my surroundings when I’m out with my camera, rather than rushing about seeing the world through the windscreen of my car.

I like how photos can frame a view and lose the surrounding distractions. You can take a scene out of context, and see it differently. I also like how a collection of photos can tell a story about a time, place, an atmosphere or a mood, which is why I started grouping my photos into collages.

Here are some of my framed photo collages.

They make beautiful gifts for leaving presents or special occasions, or even lovely self-gifts!

They can be bought on or made to order – to the dimensions and with the photos of your choice – by contacting me directly.


The end
The end