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Yo Yo Pom Pom – Part 2

Who would have thought I’d finish this project?


Admittedly, I didn’t manage to make a quilt completely from yo-yo pom poms but my pragmatic (slightly lazy) solution turned out pretty well, even if I do say so myself!





YoYo PomPom Patchwork

Looking for some inspiration to use scraps of fabric, I found these images online and was inspired to have a go.,,


Yo Yo Pom Poms were popular in the 1930s.  Occasionally you’ll find vintage pom poms for sale, ready to sew together into the item of your choice.

I decided to make my own pom poms and sew them into a guest quilt.  I thought that it would be good to have a project to work on over time.

There are lots of tutorials online but it’s pretty straight forward.  I used an old CD as a template and drew around it onto scraps of old cotton fabric.  Then I cut out lots of fabric circles.  I stitched around each fabric circle, leaving an 1/2cm edge.  Finally I pulled it into the pom pom shape, tucked the rough edges inside the pom pom and tied a knot.

It’s very easy and repetitive so it’s a nice in-front-of-the-T.V. craft.  However, two months on and I have sewn just over 140 pom poms.  My lofty ideas of stitching a double quilt left me since I worked out that in need an additional 160 just to outline a single quilt.

I wouldn’t normally post an unfinished project but it could be a while….



Left Handed Scribbles

I’m a big admirer Quentin Blake’s illustrations.  I had tried to emulate his style but couldn’t get my pen to move freely enough, that was until I tried drawing with my left hand.  With hardly any pen control I did a series of illustrations of Dubai.  I added a left handed splash of colour with a similar lack of control.  The results were something that a five year old could produce but I liked them anyway!



Print Making with Craft Foam

To tell someone that you have been print making sounds proper arty.  Needless to say the way that I do it is a bit made up and bodged.


My family had been to a fabulous Holi party, celebrating the Hindu Festival of Colour.  The children had had the best time throwing paint powder absolutely everywhere.  I had fancied having a go at printmaking for a while and creating bold and colourful Holi pictures seemed perfect. I took inspiration from the illustrations, patterns and spicy colours used by Christopher Corr and this is what I came up with.


I drew a picture of my girls ‘caught in the moment’ at the party.  I copied the lines onto a sheet of adhesive craft foam, cut out the lines of craft foam and stuck them onto another sheet of paper.  This gave a raised picture that I could use for painting.  With a paint roller, I applied black acrylic paint and printed it onto lots of sheets of paper.  Once dried, I added patterns and bold, bright, clashing colours.





I’ve seen lots of beautiful typography recently. I find many of the sayings both wise and charming. I fancied having a few scattered around the place.

I am not the world’s best painter (Spot the understatement) but sometimes a clumsy picture can look deliberately quirky. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Here are a few of my drawings. I did them with a thin-tipped marker pen and splodged a bit of watercolour paint here and there.